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When you expect more than off the shelf LED lighting.



Custom LED Lighting 

Oldtown undercab LED lighting custom designed for and heading out to a S.F.Bay area house. Use: multiple areas, kitchen.

When it really matters

Oldtown's Curved LED lighting at CES

Undercab and cabinet

Oldtown undercab LED lighting for the things you need to illuminate.

Ah, there's the sugar.


Oldtown Industrial Corp has been designing and building innovative LED lighting since 2004, when the business started as Optical Illumination Corp. Although we are a small company, our lighting can be found in almost every state in the US. Our lighting is Made in the U.S.A. and we custom design LED lighting for your projects.  When you want lighting to fit your application rather than having to fit your application to off the shelf lighting, we can help.





Oldtown's LED lighting is hand made specifically to your design.  Our lighting  is custom designed, handmade in the U.S., and engineered to last much longer than typical LED lighting, so your purchase of Oldtown LED lighting can  save  you substantially.

Take a look at the gallery below to see some of our applications.

We don't normally charge for design. Bring on your weird and crazy projects! 




Oldtown's undercabinet and showcase lighting is made to your specifications.
We work from plans, photos, and measurements.

Dimmable? Yes.
Although we are not here to compete with off the shelf products, we are finding that our lighting is outlasting off the shelf  LED Lighting.  In the long run, Oldtown may save you substantial  amounts of money. Quality  matters.

We use constant voltage design and separate power supplies. This means that our lighting is not cluttered with extra electronic components.  This also means that commonly available power supplies can directly power our lighting.  Solar/ direct DC friendly.

Our Lighting is extremely compact, allowing for very clean case design.

We can retrofit existing lighting. Talk to us about your particular needs.


We never know what we will be building next!
 Accordingly, our designs are governed by three principals: low voltage, no shock, fireproof, and will not cause fires.

All components we use  share these qualities, and the power supplies we source are UL (or equivalent) listed.
We were providing safe LED lighting even before UL began listing low voltage LED lighting.

Off the shelf lighting is 

designed to last a few
 years but our lighting is 

designed to last Decades.
By keeping the power supply separate from the light, and using copper heat sinks along with aluminum enclosures, we keep heat from limiting the long lifetime of the LEDS.

Oldtown LED showcase and undercabinet lighting is designed for use in ambient temperatures and dry to damp areas.
When planning, do not include areas of high heat or wet conditions.
 Avoid areas that can heat above 100F.
Need UV free LED lighting for your museum? Let us know.

Oldtown in the world

Click on the pics to see more applications and products.




Phone: 970-321-2324

Ask if you need samples.

Send your designs, ideas, drawings, etc to our email:

Head Office

870 Taylor St

Craig, CO  81625

Tel: 970-321-2324

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